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We care for our BMD's to be healthy and happy, and this is more important than anything else, because they give us wonderful puppies and a lot of love. Therefore, we decided to limit the litters a female dog can make in its life (no more than three or four). Moreover, we try to make them deliver high quality puppies, with an important genetic inheritance, choosing as breeder only dogs with such requirements. We planned the “Foster Care Project” just because we do not want to overlook these two aspects, fundamental to us. This project, an alternative to the way we continue to follow, allows us to safeguard and improve the life quality of our Bernese Mountain Dogs, giving us the possibility to pursue the aim of our breeding at the same time. We are aware of the fact that we cannot give so many dogs the attention, care and love they are worth and need, even though we dedicate to them our whole day, so we decided to foster some of our most promising female dogs to VERY RELIABLE FRIENDS! It follows that the foster family, with whom we must have a relation of mutual trust, has a very important role, even though the role of a family that adopts the puppy in the traditional way is not so different. Once chose the little Tricolor Bear, the foster care will last forever. The only difference is that the family does not pay for the puppy and our breeding, to whom the dog remains in name for the time being, can claim two litters; thereafter, the Tricolor Bear is part of the family for all the practical purposes, and they are sure the Bernese will live with them forever. In such a way, female dogs give birth to no more than two litters in their life and we have the possibility to improve the pedigree without exploiting female dogs. Obviously, the foster family is always followed with professionalism and immense affection and, when we decide to make our fostered Bernese Mountain Dogs i make a litter, the future mums come to us to give birth to other wonderful Tricolor Bears.

We are proud to present you the Tricolor Bears of the Foster Care Project…….

For love cucciolo  



Kennel Tricolor Bear di Loredana Ivaldi Strada Nuova Costa n 59 15076 Ovada (AL) tel. +39 0143/86451 - cell. 348/2249213