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Our passion for dogs began in 1998, when, after some months of desperation because of the loss of our beloved Irish Setter, irreplaceable friend, we thought a new four-leg friend would help us fill a void created by our dear Artù.
One day, at our Courmayeur’s friend home, we saw a wonderful specimen of Bernese Mountain Dog, and so we decided to choose a big Tricolor Bear as a new fellow.
Day after day, the presence of Balù invaded our home more and more, and became a member of our family for all practical purposes. Thanks to Balù, we became enthusiastic again about exhibitions, and the first victories came after a little.
However, Balù was alone, and the wood surrounding our home suggested the presence of a playmate for our friend. The search was not so easy, but fortunately we could rely on the experience of a dog expert and admirer of BMD. He was a very special person and he passed on his passion to us. Moreover, he helped us study an interesting blood-line in order to begin to breed with the best premises.
Therefore, after long and accurate assessments, we chose two
wonderful female dogs with an excellent pedigree, an unquestioned beauty and, last but not least, a very sweet personality. They are the famous EVENINGSTAR DEGLI ANTICHI MULINI and G-PRIMROSE DEGLI ANTICHI MULINI.
So we began. With such an important pedigree, after a period of study, endeavour and love for this lovely breed, we reached enormous results already with the first puppy of Tricolor Bear’s Home,


Artù represented the first result of our work but, above all, of our passion.

Especially passion and endeavour permit our amateurish dog breeding TRICOLOR BEAR, recognized by ENCI and FCI, to breed healthy, beauty and reliable dogs.
A master in Dog Breeding, organized by SCIVAC and Hill’s, and constant updating are the basis of our work, which is aimed mainly at preserving, giving our best and improving this wonderful breed.
All our dogs are radiographed to control hip and elbow’s dysplasia before every mating of our female dogs; we scrupulously select our male dogs, that, in addition to a qualified positive judgement concerning their morphology, gained at the exhibitions, must have characteristics suitable for the valorization of both breeders, in order to eliminate, or at least minimize, the possible existing imperfections. We are proud to know that our Tricolor Bear’s breeding boasts BMD's proclaimed Beauty Champion in many European countries….

-----------------------Young World Champion
-----------------------Young Slovenian Champion
-----------------------Young Luxembourg Champion
-----------------------Young German Social Champion
-----------------------Ris. Young European Champion
-----------------------Ris. Campione Europeo
-----------------------Ris. European Champion
-----------------------Central Eastern Europe Champion
-----------------------International Champions
-----------------------Italian Champions
-----------------------Austrian Champion
-----------------------Monte Carlo Champions
-----------------------Luxembourg Champions
-----------------------Social Champions
-----------------------Breeder Champions

… to this we have to add the countless Titles, B.I.S., and the prestigious overwhelming victory over the entire dog breed in the competition “Make it a Star” of IAMS.

However, our engagement concerns other tasks, too. If you choose one of our Tricolor Bears, you will receive our help in order to deal with the new friend in every stage of its growth, from the trip to its new house, to the quantity of food, or how to say “NO”, its socialization with people and other “furry” friends…….. we will always be present every time you need a piece of advise or even a simple conversation.

Through this close and continuative relation between you and us, our family is becoming bigger and bigger.



Kennel Tricolor Bear di Loredana Ivaldi Strada Nuova Costa n 59 15076 Ovada (AL) tel. +39 0143/86451 - cell. 348/2249213