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Our four-leg babies live in close touch with us in our estate of 75 hectares. The estate is enclosed and this allows our dogs to freely have fun without risks, running after one another or after roe deers, hares and other animals of the wood. They have a lake at their disposal, too, in which they use to refresh and swim with ducks, geese and swans in the roasting summer days, naturally watching over us……they are the special lifeguards of our estate.

Above all, they are happy because they are not locked up at Tricolor Bear’s home, and this makes us happy, too. All of our dogs live together with us, and they spend the day wagging their tails from a room to another, playing, receiving many cuddles, sleeping on the sofa and in turn on the bed with my husband Sergio and me, Loredana. Moreover, we have created special places such as the delivery room, the nursery, the toilet room. In addition, there are a summer and a winter area, entirely dedicated to them, provided by several gardens and amusement parks, organized in order to make our teddy bears feel good and have fun in every season of the year! We are sure we will always be able to assure our Bernesis to feel well-being in such a way, making them feel part of our family. Their loving and tender personality proves us we are on the right way

Venite a trovarci, vi farò visitare il paradiso dei Bernesi Tricolor Bear
I nostri Ticolor Bear nel bosco
Artù e Yuma. Oh mammamia questa peste mi fà ribaltare
Artù, come mi diverto nei prati e
boschi di casa Tricolor Bear
Artù, Mery ed Allegra, che bella la vita
Artù, ogni giornata è sempre una gioia viverla a casa Tricolor Bear
Artù, quando nevica, però ci divertiamo
Questo è il nostro bosco personale
In casa Tricolor Bear si prodiga una corretta socializzazione
Qui nascono i cuccioli Tricolor Bear
Questo è il parco gioco estivo
dei Cuccioli Tricolor Bear
Kennel Tricolor Bear di Loredana Ivaldi Strada Nuova Costa n° 59 15076 Ovada (AL) tel. +39 0143/86451 - cell. 348/2249213