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By looking at these images, you could understand a lot about the wonderful temper of our beloved TRICOLOR BEARS. These are videotaped moments of life, but they make us fell proud, because these images demonstrate that our scrupulous selection, aimed not only at safeguarding and improving morphology and health of this breed, but also at valorizing their nature, is giving us the expected results.



Our little bears live together in harmony,

Chanel, Mery, Artù e Gaia
Fratello e sorelle: Artù, Allegra e Chanel
they are soft-hearted, self-confident,,

absolutely sincere and generous, sensitive, tender and patient with children

Duke e Greta
Giulia la mia nipotina coccola i Tricolor
they love feeling members of the family, they are extrovert and friendly, they don’t like loneliness and, for this reason, they are surely unsuited for isolation.
In our company, they are always jovial and expansive with foreigners,
Ercole e il suo miglior amico
Ercole e il suo miglior amico
They are tolerant with other animals, so that they could consider your cat as a playmate,

They are very attached to us and know how to use their proverbial charm to relent us and make us cuddle them.

In few worlds...…..

Loredana coccola Diva


Artù e mamma Evelyn
Che tenere, Evelyn Diva e Diamante
Diamante in adorazione di Mery
Diamante tormenta Mery
Le due sorelline Gaia e Mery
Mery, Allegra e Yuma
Come ci divertiamo noi Tricolor Bear
Dom Dom si f tormentare da Fizzy
Fizzy Tizzy a 3 mesi gioca con Artu'
Tricolor Bear Dom Perignon, Art e Gaia
Tricolor Bear Coco Chanel e Axel rose con il cucciolotto
Tricolor Bear For Love e Dom Perignon, si vogliono un gran bene
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