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We believe in simple and sincere values, in family security, in love for children (Loredana was President and Promoter of ONLUS “Forum for the rights of Chernobyl children AL 1”, and she was nominated Honorary President from the members of the foundation itself), tenderness and respect for the elders, trust in sincere friends, love for all animals and especially for our dear TRICOLOR BEARS
We think images can communicate much more than worlds, so we want to talk about us this way

Alena sulla neve
Alena Whendy e Terry
Bal¨ Alena e Whendy
Ci vogliamo tanto bene
Famiglia Tricolor Bear
Gaia a 2 mesi con Sergio
Loredana e la sua serenitÓ
Sergio e Bal¨ gli inseparabili
Sergio e Bal¨
Terry, Bal¨, Whendy, Evelin
Loredana con mamma e papà
Sergio coccola Gaia
Kennel Tricolor Bear di Loredana Ivaldi Strada Nuova Costa n░ 59 15076 Ovada (AL) tel. +39 0143/86451 - cell. 348/2249213